I Feel Your Absence - EP

by Warmest Winter

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Our latest single, with a proper B-side


released March 12, 2016

Tiago D. Dias - vocals, guitars, bass guitar, synth
Daniel Barreto - drum sequencing

All lyrics by Tiago D. Dias

"I Feel Your Absence"

Recorded at Tiago's studio in Niterói
Mixing and mastering - Daniel Barreto & André Barreto at Dandrestudio

"As the Sunset Drew a Closure for Us"

Recorded and remastered by Kenny. P. Christiansen

Design - Denny Visser
Cover art - Luiz Badia




Warmest Winter Niteroi, Brazil


Warmest Winter is a postpunk/shoegaze band from Brazil whose members are Tiago Duarte Dias, Denny Visser, Luiz Badia and Daniel Vellutini.

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Track Name: I Feel Your Absence
I feel your absence, when you are not here
for every outcome is riddled with fear.
In the Cruelest of many possible Universes
you’re both my shelter and shamelessness

in our inhumane condition
we are both sacred and vain

i feel your absence when you’re not here
for only you can make sense of my misery.
when on a lazy Sunday, life is but Aftermath
you’re the morning star and my secure path

in our inhumane condition
we are both sacred and vain

(let us share our horizons with no shame
let us tear apart our walls with no blame
let us combine dreams, blood and scars
let us believe there’s always hope from afar)

When I willingly let my guard down for you,
you’ve showered me with your kindness.
When you offered me to enter your shelter
I humbly gave you my trust and expectations
Track Name: As the Sunset Drew a Closure for Us
As the snow falls beyond your window
and the dark night shelters the both of us
those winter warm nights in your bedroom
forever endless inside their seconds...
I built you as my own illusion
without asking for your consent

As the snow fell beyond your window
you knew that our shelter would end
those winter warm nights were numbered
as the sunset drew a closure for us
I built you as my illusion
without asking for your consent

As we aren't the same as we were before
those moments will be trapped inside us
I'll romanticize all of your whispers
until there's only the life that's not mine
I built you as my illusion
without asking for your consent